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wow nice El Camino! Whats in it a 350? Cant really tell from the one picture.

Thats actually a very good idea running some tubing on the out side of the inner fender well. I'm actually going to go out and look around now, but i'm sure I have enough room, I might actually be able to start setting it all up today.

I didnt really know its the 'dark realm' of aero, but if it has a bad affect, I can always remove it and fill the holes. I dont think it should take an engineering degree, im just trying to relive some air pressure.

OH yeah and thanks for the link!
1995 ford mustang. V6, auto.

Mods. 2 inch exhaust with glass pack. some throttle body mods. cut up intake box.

Aero mods. Front air dam. wing delete.
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