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Thoughts on balancing EV supply and demand.

Ev's aren't selling as well as many people anticipated, and now you have some EV's that sell slower than would be liked on dealer lots, as well as ramping production down in a at least one instance. How do we balance the supply and demand of EV's without automakers having to pay a penalty for trying to provide us cars of the future? This got me thinking.

I know how much everyone (me included) hates how the automakers build EV's around their combustion engine cousins instead of designing an EV specific platform car which would inherently be more aerodynamic and space efficient. You get an EV golf, a ford fusion EV, etc etc. That is because it cost less make that EV if the body is already 90% from a production combustion car.

Well why not just take this even further? Why not have Honda fit with a completely modular drivetrain? Where the ICE or EV components can exist within the same space constraints, and the rolling body can be fitted with an electric or gas engine based on customer demand on the same production line.

The Automaker and Dealer does not have to invest in building a 100% proprietary car with an expensive 24kwh battery, and electronic components. That EV does not have to sit on a lot for however long while the investment to build it is not returned until its sold. You could have rolling bodies that only receive EV components once sold, where in they bolt right into the bottom of the car.

If the EV sells slower than anticipated, just put in the combustion components.

I try to be helpful. I'm not an expert.
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