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I just bought a 2006 Focus with the 2.0 Duratech motor, have done a basic tune up (fuel filter, spark plugs, oil, tire pressure @35psi, fuel/ injector cleaner, cleaned MAF) and am not getting the mpg's I would like.

I drive with mps's in mind coasting when I can and using some of the driving tips from the site, averaging 29.3mpg with 70% highway (60-65mph sometimes a bit more) and 30% city little a/c use.

I want to get a Scangauge to help with my driving, I'm assuming it'll help and that's the best way to achieve higher miles per gallon? Anything I missed in the tune-up that will help with my mpg? Also going to bump my tire pressure up to 40psi. I don't really want to modify the intake or anything just maintenance stuff.

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