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Originally Posted by Outlaws69 View Post
SOHC, 16v, 85hp, 36mpg avg,

SOHC, 16v, 125hp, 44mpg avg

The biggest different is that the D16Y5 is a Vtec-E. it only operate 12v below 2800 rpm, it also has a lean burn feature that allows to to run 58:1 A:f ratio on 5th gear between 1900-3000 rpm depending on load. So in simple terms, if you stay off the gas paddle and below 70mph @2900rpm it uses 75% of the 1.6l and inject only 20% of normal fuel amount. Hope this help!!
Last I checked, the D16y7 is 106 hp, not 85, and the Y5 is 115 hp, not 125. You'll be gaining a bit, but not as much as what you posted.

Also, I highly doubt it goes as lean as 58:1. More like 22:1, while the Insight goes as lean as 25:1.

It'll be good, and I'd love to have an HX engine, but don't oversell your expectations.

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