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Sounds about right if it's an automatic. As you do a fair amount of city driving, you can alter your driving slightly and you will gain ~2mpg easily enough off the bat. The Scangage will definitely help... it helped me a lot. My car has a manual but I'm sure it's similar. The biggest difference was had in the way you accelerate up to speed. Slower is not better. I tried it both ways dozens of times, and it's always more efficient to get up to speed fairly quickly when taking off from a light or merging onto the highway. The sooner you can get to the lowest possible load, the better the overall economy.

LRR tires are the next best thing. The focus has regular all-seasons, but I got +2mpg from putting ecopia ep422's on my 09 vibe. Zetec and Duratec are the same 2.0L displacement and despite slightly different design, very similar in fuel economy as well. I've heard of people getting 35 highway regularly with the 2.0 duratec.

Does your car have the 15's or 16's? I would assume 15's as it's a 2.0l car, in which case you already have the proven-better (in terms of MPG) 15" wheels with 195/60-15 tires.
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