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Originally Posted by tru View Post
my truck is somewhat unique in comparison to the chevy / gmc 1500 lineup...
so far i havent been able to finda a published number specific to it.

the truck has a unique front bumper, arguably more aerodynamically friendly then a standard sierra, however it has a larger frontal area due to the rear wheel steering. i believe overall width is 4-6" more than standard, but GM did a nice job feathering the "hips" back into the truck.

ok... what you need to find the Cd

Truck is a 2002-2005 GMC Sierra Denali with Quadrasteer.

hope someone can find it
For 20-years or so now,automakers have not been required to provide Cds or frontal area data to the EPA Mobile Sources folks.They just embed the data within the dynamometer load settings provided to the EPA for certification.So unless the automaker just happens to mention it to the press,we're left in the dark.
And since most pickup top speeds are now electronically governed,we can't even attempt to reverse-engineer the drag factor 'n such for the speeds they do publish.
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