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Goals and testing

If I understand the sum of the forum here correctly, you are building this vehicle to be an everyday driver, as you said in your third post. That goal justifies a little larger tire and brakes. Could you have used some smaller ones? Yes, but from your posts it seems thatís what was available to you. I completely understand that, as Iím working with similar challenges. What I donít understand is the mention of the ďrecordĒ. What sort of record is this? Are you building a vehicle to break a record or is this something you intend to use on a regular basis in the real world? You have made many concessions to make it a good looking vehicle (like open wheels), diver comfort, and road usability. If you are going for a record under highly controlled circumstances, why would you have done this? I can speculate that you are trying to prove a concept and/or pitch this as an idea. No matter the case, it seems that if youíre building an everyday vehicle, the means of testing should be in everyday circumstances. If youíre building an experimental vehicle, then you can justify an ideal test conditions scenario. A guy who has been doing this sort of thing for a long time, Craig Vetter, started with experimental type competition and saw that its usefulness as a proof of concept was limited and thatís why he does what he does today. (At least thatís my interpretation from reading his website; Iíve never spoken to the man.)
Anyway, I think your well on your way to making a big leap forward in mpg of a drivable machine and I wish you the best.
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