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New Eco Honda 125 in Scootering magazine

Visionary said:
"One thing I have in my favour is the ability to tune the motor well past the projected 11.5hp needed"

Coincidentally, I have just been reading Sticky Round's test of the new Honda SH125i big wheel step-thru (with CVT) in the new November issue of Scootering magazine.
Turns out that it only makes 11.7bhp, but has been especially tuned for economy. It has the automatic stop-start system also fitted to Honda's PCX 125 and Honda claim that it does 134mpg(UK) 29.5 miles per litre when run according to the WMTC test cycle for city riding. Sticky also reported that it managed to do 65mph on the flat and 72mph downhill (somewhere in Rome!)
I think this gives a good 'baseline' kind of comparison with the Project 100 beast.
If those in the UK feel moved to rush out and buy (or at least sneak a peak at) a copy, there's the added bonus of my own test of the new BMW electric C-evo maxiscooter on the two preceding pages p.14-15. (Scootering is available worldwide and the website is simply scootering dot com)
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