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The belly pan structure was bent and sagging to I just say to H E double toothpicks with it and pulled the damn thing off. This came with it. From where? I don't even want to know, but the frame rails are very ugly.

Rust and the Pan by Tyler Linner, on Flickr

That meant I had to make a new air dam. You may remember that I made the wheel flares last August... well, they earned their keep but must go. You can see the aluminum reinforcing bar for the air dam being mocked up.

Pulled Apart by Tyler Linner, on Flickr

After basically redoing everything but the upper two grille blocks, it's on. I think it looks b*tchin'.

Total cost for the air dam: $8 lawn edging, $10 aluminum, recycled screws and a few cents worth of zip ties.

New Air Dam by Tyler Linner, on Flickr

It doesn't lower the stagnation point but it's very, very close. Note the new, (hella?)flush wheel well gap fillers.

The grille openings behind the air dam are still open so hopefully it will be able to pull more air when driving slowly. It's a low pressure, turbulent area so I'm not worried about that increasing drag much.

New Air Dam by Tyler Linner, on Flickr

I leave for the rally in a day and a half. It's time to rig up the hatch lock and change the oil (it's rainy today, ugh). Then, off we go.
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