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Link to Cedric Lynch page on bikeweb

I thought y'all might like to read some of Cedric Lynch's thoughts about Project 100:
"I think this will be successful if Visionary gets the aerodynamics half-reasonable. It takes about 30bhp to run a normal motorcycle at 100mph. The power for rolling resistance will be 1.5 to 2hp so if the air drag is one-third that of a standard motorcycle and he has modified the engine to give 11.5hp (which is undoubtedly not difficult) he is there. The transmission of the C90 is much more efficient than that of the Helix, and since it is manual the ratio is calculable and will not be over-ridden by automatic control. I think that at 100mph the fuel consumption will be about 120mpg.
[As a Brit, Cedric will mean 120mpgUK, so that's a long way short of target!]
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