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Originally Posted by PHAHEEM View Post
I pump 91 octane Chevron gas (noticed that I average ~50 miles more per tank than with 87 octane);
You'll have to calculate whether the 91 octane is more economical for you - or take the price hit if you want to consume as little fuel as possible.

And coast to red lights, etc.
What do you call "coasting" ?
The term is used in many different meanings ...

We use it to describe coasting in neutral, or use EOC (Engine Off Coasting, rarely also EOffC ) or EOnC (Engine On Coasting) to differentiate from EOC.

You still with me ?

Engine off coasting has effects on steering (powersteering quits instantly) and brakes (powerbrakes gone after a few dabs at the brakes) - so this is something that everyone should try and decide for themselves, wether they want to EOffC with a particular car.

I don't EOC because steering on my car becomes utterly heavy (far heavier than any non-assisted steering I've ever come across) and the brake-assist is gone far too quickly.

I've been averaging around 380 miles/tank, and twice I've pulled 420 miles/tank!
Good to see you can get a 10% increase already - but as tank sizes vary, it's more convenient to use MPG

I read recently that coasting in-gear rather than in-neutral will save you more gas. Is this true?
No, it's not.
It may appear so, as the fuel is cut off when you release the throttle while staying in gear.
That's OK ... when you have to brake anyway.

When you coast in neutral, you'll coast a whole lot further than when you're using engine braking.
(Some auto transmissions are now shifting into neutral when the throttle is released to improve economy.)

You'll have to look a whole lot further ahead when coasting in neutral, will have to start coasting from further out, and/or start from a lower speed - all compared to engine braking or "coasting in gear" (which isn't really coasting).
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