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I write for an online magazine. Started back in 05 or 06 though I've been in the club scene since the late 90's and know a bit about retuning and modifying. Currently working for one of Top Gear's online outlets after stints as Road Test Editor at two others (Philippine market only) and sporadic contributions to, and I'm on the technical committee for the local Car of the Year awards. Oh, and I moderate a video game website. Wiggy, huh?

First joined here to learn, inspired by the MetroMPG website, which I first spied years ago. Some of what I taught at that seminar and eco-drive (for, back in June) came from here and there, and some from research culled around the internet. I like it here because it's not as full of the endless bickering over AGW, oil politics and EV versus ICE as other "green" sites. Just straight talk about modification and proper driving.

Ecomodder is a cool place to be. And without it, I wouldn't have gotten the chance to do that seminar.

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