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Originally Posted by christofoo View Post
Don't wish for a carb. The drawbacks are serious.
  • Less consistent behavior, bad cold-starting behavior, carb requires rebuild every 100-150k (for Toyotas).
  • Dry manifold is more compatible with EOC. Whatever supposed FE benefits apply to carbs, they are negated by EOC in a good EFI (more especially a dry manifold EFI with a manual transmission).

There are only two things that might be nice about carbs, and they're debatable:
  • Maybe you can tune it slightly lean. Then again, you might damage the engine trying.
  • If terrorists attack with EMP, carbs might be a little more likely to survive. Actually, my carb in particular has emissions tech on it, with O2 sensor and active computer controlled AFR. It might start and run after EMP, but it's not going to run well.
You may also have to tune a carb every 6 months for winter/summer blends.

Also for the inline 6's you have to tune slightly rich because cylenders 1 and 6 tend to run a bit lean and will burn the exaust valves otherwise.
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