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Welcome! I have a mustang as well (kinda runs in my family.) I have a Sn-95 model, so completely different aero wise from the fox bodys. I know 85 is the first year Ford put that fuel injection, I dont know how much better they upgraded that system in 87.. but if they didnt make any changes I know I would stay with a carburetor-ed engine. Much more options/ after market things you can do to a carbed 302, than you can with that year fuel injection, I dont think ford intended MPG at all with that fuel injection system. thats just my 2 cents.

the t-5 is great! If you have 3.08s do still have the 8.8 rear end? do plan on changing the rear gears? If you want to get serious ($$$) id swap out for a good 9 inch, probably could weigh less.

Aero wise, its really fun to mess with a stang, even though I have a newer-ish model im trying to go for that older trans am road racing look, and the aero mods I have done so far are making it happen haha!
1995 ford mustang. V6, auto.

Mods. 2 inch exhaust with glass pack. some throttle body mods. cut up intake box.

Aero mods. Front air dam. wing delete.

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