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Diesel is losing market share due to the high cost of fuel in America
And Europe
A bit of surprising news comes from Germany, where one out of four diesel owners state that their next new car will likely be a gasoline vehicle, thanks in part to the complexity of owning a diesel and the high repair costs. Things even look worse for old models: those cars not fitted with Diesel Particulate Filters aren't likely to be purchased second hand (and will probably end up in Southern Europe), mostly due to the restrictions in some cities.
Diesel emissions in European cities have been a disaster. Try going walking a few miles around Barcelona in August. I have. Its worst than LA.

The health effect of biodiesel exhaust emissions are unknown.

Gasoline contains 115,000 Btu, while diesel contains 130,500 Btu or 12% more energy. Not the 40% some people around here like to claim. The rest of the perceived difference in FE comes from compression igntion cycle vs the spark ignition cycle. A compression ignition HCCI gasoline engine is 15% more efficient than current spark spark ignition engines without the need of expensive particulate filters.

You can extract much more gasoline than diesel fuel from a barrel of oil.
It takes more crude oil to produce the same amount of diesel fuel as gasoline.

Diesel doesn't have a future in passenger cars.

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