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Originally Posted by Daox View Post
Are there any possibilities in the under $500 range (not you specifically Ryland)?

Most easily if you are starting with a donor bike ... and in either the used category or the DIY category for the project.

For example I got my front hub motor and motor controller for about $150 for both of them ... that isn't the whole electrification part of the project, but it's part of it.

Once I had the core Motor and controller in hand ... the 3rd and last major component was a battery ... on the cheap you could use any battery you happen to have that can do the volts and amps ... I did splurge a bit for a higher capacity LiFePO4 battery but that is not necessary to go that far.

The 4th part is all the little bits and pieces ... things like:
  • Connecting wires
  • Controls ( Throttle and such )
  • Getting the motor spoked to a wheel ( any bicycle shop can do this for you if you don't want to DIY )
  • Securing the battery pack to the bike ... can be as simple as strapped to a bike rack ... or more complicated like the one I have has a lock , quick disconnect from the bike , a handle , etc ... but as long as it is securely on the bike , and functional , that is all it needs to be.

Off you go.

Staying under $500 when you have a donor bike ... is doable for a used system , or for a more DIY basic system.

Of course if you want more battery capacity ... lighter ... faster .. more power or torque ... better controls ... more displays ... etc ... etc .... more / better cost more.

- - - - - -

For example ... my 1st eBike was lead acid batteries strapped together ... my 2nd was NiMH D cells I soldered together ... as long as it is secure and functional it doesn't matter if it is pretty or not , unless that's what you want to pay for.
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