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Originally Posted by wungun View Post
From what I understand, Almost all modern car engines shut off the injectors when the engine is down revving, foot off the gas in gear.
We call it engine braking, and as it's braking, it's inefficient - unless you need to brake of course.
I've been doing that all my driving life, and it give fairly good mileage.

But if you want to do better than fairly good, you'll also need to drive differently ...
Sure, I won't coast as far a the proponents on here who coast in neutral, engine off...which is very dangerous, and in most jurisdictions, very illegal.
The legal issues that remain here and there, will have to go as all priusses coast ...
They exist from days when brakes were nearly useless and unreliable, so engine braking was almost mandatory to slow down.

Even coasting in neutral with the engine idling will waste more gas than engine even braking, as is see it.
You're seeing it wrong
Coasting with the engine on instead of engine braking is what has helped bring down my fuel consumption from already "fairly good"
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