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I have already done research about the velomobile I would build, it ended up being about 550lbs to get any mileage with lead acid batteries.

If finally decided that I would need to build it as motor cycle trike just to make it legal. Not that it would be easy to build a motorcycle that light weight without some bicycle parts.

But I didn't think enough about pedaling for electricity only because people have insisted that it is too inefficient. But it looks like it can work.

So the only reason to build one would be to avoid hard pedaling up steep hills.

I would like to see one that does not have to carry big batteries. Well the new lithium polymer batteries look like they hold much more power than anything else. Maybe by the time I have enough money, battery technology will be even lighter weight.

Does anyone know if I could build a trike with bicycle wheels in the front and a light weight motorcycle drive wheel (Mostly because of the brakes) and get it legalized?
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