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Honda hx lean burn

So, I have installed a D16Y5 into my hatch, and have decided to share some information and some background about the bulid.

D16Y5- a 1.6L V-tecE engine find in 1996-2000 honda civic coupe HX model.
I have completly rebuild it with new piston, new rings, new valves and had the long block trough the machine shop. everything is put together to factory spec. All equipments are connected including AC.

1996 Honda Civic Hatch DX, no power option, wieght-in at 2200 +/-.

There is no after market part installed.

Ultra gauge is use to monitor all the data.

Lean Burn data is as followed for my car

On 5th gear @2500-2700rpm, 63-67mph, 40-43 engine load, O2 bank 2 will hit 0000, while back one would be in.0.4+/-0.10 on the ultra gauge (thank you darcane for the tip). After I get into NB, I can drive +/- 5mph as long as i keep engine load below 90%, without any quick throttle changes, I can stay in LB. I can get between 48-63mpg while in lean burn if its on a flat. 65 was my best but thats only if its flat and it only lasted for maybe a mile.

on 4th gear, I am not very good at getting in LB yet, but its about 2200-2500rpm @40mpg, same load, and O2 bank 2 will also hit 0000/LB. and the i can get around 44-55mpg accounding to the gauge.

1,2,3 does not offer LB mode so, I try to get out of them as quickly as i could without passing 2500 rpm and use the V-tecE feature and keep 4 valves partly open.

more info to be follow as I am still trying to understand and learn how to drive this car!!

note: I have asked this question about what LB feels like to other HX drivers, however, i do not feel any different beteeen transition from LB to normal drives, It was petty smoth except the IMPG would chnage to "off the chart" mpg once in LB!

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