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Lets empathise. You work for a state owned car maker in the late 1970s. You make this :

which sells as well as you might expect even though not all are painted in this fetching shade of "Terd Sunset". Your thrusting head designer comes up with this :

Hmm - ok, a bit designer licence - lets do more studies - now

OK - now we are cooking - the project is looking good. So you go off and fight some unions, some government morons and get everything in place. You go back to that killer product and.


How the hell did this come out ?

OK - well, its spacious, and er, has lots of space, and feels really large and airy inside. The boot is pretty big too - bigger than a Golf, honest.

At least the designers didn't think it would be a good idea to fit it with a talking dash.

Oh No....

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