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May I present my lottery list ?

Lambo Miura - They seem to have gone downhill since this one - style wise anyway

These have a "rally slag" theme to them - apologies.

Lancia 037

Ford RS200 EVO

Metro 6R4 - so ugly its just perfect.

Renault Alpine A108 - sex on wheels. Its like Bridget Bardot's older, better looking and less "mad as a bag of frogs" sister dressed in weekend jeans and still looking sexier than Shania Twain covered in chocolate.

Toyota GT-86 (*wants). Take note please Subaru - this is how that flat 4 should be - smooth, quiet, powerful, efficient.

Honda CR-Z (*also wants)

Lotus 11 - Would love one of these with George's engine in it and tallllllll gearing.

And as for Muscle cars

pah - I thumb my nose at zem...

THIS is the kind of body you put a big, powerful (if slightly old fashioned) American V8 into.

This car is so louche it shagged your cat and wore your slippers and dressing gown whilst you were reading this posting...
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