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Hi Vic – it’s great to get another update from you on the Vetter Challenge saga. I look forward to your posts, to satisfy my insatiable desire for news, on the trials, tribulations and most importantly results.
The change of format that you describe has positive and negative aspects, as I see it. I’m a great fan of Craig’s work in organising these important events but I fear some changes are not for the better.
The change of route in particular, has two drawbacks. Firstly, by altering the route type and length there can be no comparison with last year’s results. So competitors cannot gauge improvements they have made, and we observers loose our frame of reference.
But more importantly, the choice of route will undermine the validity of the contest. After all, Craig’s contests are about improving fuel efficiency through aerodynamic improvement, so the route should be a test of just that. The more stop/start, and the lower average speed will penalise aero bodywork (since it has mass and requires energy to accelerated). The lower speeds (off interstate) will reduce the fuel saving advantage that bodywork brings and thus the advantage of a streamliner will be negated.
On a positive note, the filming of the event should greatly improve the promotion of future events and raise the profile of Vetter Challenges. I hope Craig posts a brief summary on Youtube for all his fans to follow.
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