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"Eco" or aero or otherwise, I actually think the Avion is a handsome shape.

It visually conveys its slippery reality, in an effective way.

I really like the Ford o21c concept, because there's nothing else out there even on the same page. Instead of trying to look faster and meaner and more aggro than anything else, it's just fun. Hell, I'm a hetero male who owns a V8 powered Jeep and I'd happily drive an o21c, in hot pink with a string hanging out the tailpipe.

I also really like the first generation Montero/Raider/Pajero appearance... it's completely utilitarian but somehow endlessly endearing. Yes, I used to own one of these and yes, we went on lots of adventures together so maybe I'm just nostalgic.

I think the Eagle SX4 and Local Motors Rally Fighter are both good looking cars for about the same reason... they have a sleek athleticism about them, fast and tough. Everything I wish my own body was capable of

One of my favorites, of all time... the AMX/3 .. damn sexy from any angle.

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