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The NA VX is just getting the finishing touches on the tune today.
We came in with good numbers about 55MPG highway on cruise. This was using no hypermiling techniques and regular inflation on tires and i will be doing some grill block and warm engine mods. After those are complete and on a warmer day (this testing was done at 29deg F "cold") i can see it making 60MPG. and again that is not using EOC and PandG techniques.

I have 2 HX cars that will be tuned and tested this weekend and i should have Data from those in the next week. shooting for similar numbers as the VX 50-60mpg

***teaser*** both the VX and HX have lean burn in 3rd 4th and 5th. and have modified maps for both the lean burn and an acceleration map that when the throttle is depressed more than 60% the Vtec kicks in and gets the car moving quickly.
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