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EV conversion vs. installing PHEV kit on a hybrid

Currently my wife and I have two cars: the Toyota Matrix that we use as a family (us + 2 children) and the eBooger (my low range DIY commuter EV).

I have always wanted to do a high budget EV conversion - one that my wife can pile the kids in and not worry about - and keep the Matrix for long trips. But now I don't know.


1. Used Camry/Escape hybrid ($15K) + PHEV kit ($8K) = $23K.


2. Used [insert decent used car here] ($5K) + EV conversion ($15K) = $20K.

Option 1: better highway economy on longer trips (vs using the Matrix). Benefits of EV on short trips and for the first 25 km of long trips. Better all around vehicle.

Option 2: more of a challenge (if you like challenges!). Full EV with 100-120 km range for decent sized trips. Requires keeping the Matrix for longer trips.

What are people's thoughts?

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