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Well that would be a very simple fix indeed, hopefully that is all it is and not what I figure I will see. Will have to check if the ohms go 0-5? on the pedal and at the controller input.

The only issue is I don't think that would be a very reliable governor so I have the strong feeling something else is employed, perhaps a wimpy 275amp controller can't drive it any faster

Keep em coming, I really haven't found anything usefull on the Miles at all they've been around going on 3 yrs so there must be a few floating around, mine was a dealer demo from 05 with 30miles and a nice low price, not forkenswift low but around the price I would expect to pay for a decent Gem or Comutacar.


Originally Posted by mattW View Post
One method of doing speed governing is to add a resister in parallel with the pot so you never get to the full power... you could try and trace the wiring from the pot to the controller to see if that is how they did it.
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