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This is both a smile and an annoyance: So I'm out riding the horse the other day - the one that kicked through a metal stable wall a couple of years ago, just about cutting her foot off, so the vet said she'd probably never walk normally again. It's a nice brisk fall day, sunny & a bit of a breeze, with the aspens &c just finishing their color. She's all full of energy, and there's a nice level stretch of trail ahead, so let's trot. Ok, how about canter? Yeah, she likes that, so why not gallop? Whee!

So that's the smile. Now the annoyance: we're on the last level strech before home, just walking to cool down, and my companion says "What's that critter up ahead? Is it a bobcat? No, looks like a mountain lion!" (Which you don't see all that often, even around here.) So I reach in the belt pouch for my camera, get it out, and just as I touch the on switch I see furry cat butt and long tail running off through the bushes :-(
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