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Question Need Help/advice

Tomorrow I'm meeting a man to discuss the trade of his Corolla for my Taurus.
I already went down and saw his car while he was away.
I can tell you the following:
Front wheel drive
Stick shift
decent body (minor fender dings)
previous oil leak.
he says it runs, but i don't beleive that's so.
A/C is in questionable shape.
4 door with a trunk, no power windows or locks, a puny scary steering wheel I'll want to replace with something more cushy.
The Mfg stamp says Nov. 1989.

My question is:
1 - Is this car good for an EV conversion? (it appears to be)
2 - will my monster motor fit in this car for EV conversion?

Monster Motor specs:
Measured Size:
Weight: 240+ lbs
Case Length: 15 inches
Case Radius: 5.75 to 6 inches (edge to shaft center)
Case Diameter: Approx 12 inches
Spindel length: 1+ inches.
Gear Sex: Male
(did i do that right? that's Clucking huge, no?)
Case Label:
Manufacturer: CROWN Company
Part No: 020347-001
Serial: 5236
Volts: 36/48 DC
Rating: 7.4/9.6KW
Model: W11AB02
Duty: 1Hour
Insulation: Class H

Anyone out there with experience with this car or with one to actually go out and measure for me (i'm afraid i'll do it wrong) will help me tons. I don't want to trade my running Skuttlebutt (pics) for a non-running car i can't convert.

I'm so scared of making a mistake and being stuck with something i can't convert with my motor and will be unable to recoup the cost of.
HOWEVER- if this car will work and he does approve of the trade then you'll see my build thread start tomorrow. (i'm also worried about batt space. but the trunk is big and i plan to go with sealed AGM batts.)

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