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Originally Posted by jamesweirick5 View Post
I have a BS in Electronic Technology with equipment and get the theary and concepts. I do not have your valuable experience. Your huge threads are difficult to process easily. I have converted 8 cars cheaply and my 20A chargers cost about $10 by using just a full wave bridge.

Your 500A to 800A controller is to complex to troubleshoot readily. If I had measurements (V) of the micro processor inputs and outputs under success and different failures, then I could troubleshoot the simple circuits left.

I have built a 1000A controller using your power driver and fets with diodes. I have bought a cheap PWM control to drive it. I will use smaller wire resistance to current limit at first. I still have to find a simple current limit cricuit to connect to the driver chip. I have upgraded your fets and diodes and mounted them on big heat fins with a fan for supperior cooling. This contoller costs under $200 in parts. I do understand the dire need for your additional complexities and computer. I know I will be blowing some stuff up but hope that you can reduce the failures.

Does anyone have any simple pwm controller designs to copy. I need current limit and maybe ramp up speed. The 555 timers start at 10% and go to 90%. I think I need 0% - 100%. I want to start with a basic solid simple tested design.
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