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All 4 tires seem to be the same brand and size Ecowing 185/60r14's that may explain some of the slightly lower than expected fuel economy. (which on an insight is still excellent) I was apparently having a brain fart when I looked at them initially.

I noticed one tire was bald and the others in good shape, she rides straight so its either an older tire, or he fixed an alignment issue or there still is one and I can't tell.

I tried locating some "used" RE92s or really any 165 size tire with no dice, with winter coming I am thinking a matched pair of snow tires may be on order despite the FE hit, I noticed some LRR snow tires on tirerack in the right size, now to see if they are still there.

I also was looking for a space saver spare to fit in the trunk, the one with the car is very very well used and bald, looks like the ones that drove my c-car 10k.

On the positive side I have located and ordered a $35 inner fender skirt or liner or whatever you like to call it, it hasn't arrived yet and I am hoping it has all the required pieces so I can try and shove it in there.

Something interesting to note is that all of my cars use the same lug pattern as does my fathers microvan, perhaps a test next summer of tire sizes on different vehicles

The one I would most like to test would be RE92's on my fathers microvan (zx40 ev) even though they would be a tad big (185's on here now would never fit) it would provide some insight into if tires could affect how well this rolls, since now it rolls like a car with a boat anchor behind it. Ditto my cobalt, its not as though cavi's never had 14's maybe worth a test to see how RE92's fair compared to the Integrities on there now. (assuming I can find a set)

Ryan May
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