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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
I trust you've seen this:

So you're driving the car? What kind of mileage are you seeing and under what kind of driving?
The only legit driving was done bringing it back home (which was lower than I have experienced before under similar test drives in other insights), the driving done now is short slow test trips which I can't really say is real driving given the temperature and the distance and the idling involved while I tweek things and verify voltages.

I figure 14" RE92's would work great on the 15" cobalt as long as I use a scamguage to correct for them but no telling without a test, they would also work great on the ZX40 but I would have to cut the front fenders out and not turn real sharp Might fit the rear though.

My C-car space savers do glide further than typical 155/80r13's, but again we are talking a 2500lb rated tire with maybe 400lbs at most sitting on it so RR is again likely less important there as well and of coarse 155/80s on a c-car probably causes other problems that make more drag anyway, that and the 155's I have available to me are very likely not LRR at all, probably made to be cheap.

Ah well

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