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smart cdi (diesel) owner from BC, Canada

Came across this site in the wee hours while researching sustainable investment... there was a link to a WIRED article about women liking young sexy Ferrari drivers being a cause of climate change... from there I came across the basjoos article..... and yeah, I posted for awhile at gassavers - so I knew this was good coverage!

The whole ecomodding thing is truly interesting, though I think the biggest mod is the one you make on the driver.

The prime time for my FE pursuits was in 2005/2006 - I set up and drove across Canada promoting the One Tonne Challenge. I did not have a Scangauge at the time, and was sorely overloaded with a month worth of luggage and promo material... none-the-less, I did beat 100 mpg (imperial) several times.

In 2006, still without a Scangauge, I returned to Saskatchewan and did some great runs which indicated 105 mpg US.

It was at the time of completing these runs that Darin contacted me. After prompting by Darin, I did acquire a used Scangauge unit from Phil in the Vancouver area... and then brought well over 100 into Canada for distribution through 2006/2007. (I still sell them via my website) The Scangauge revolutionized eco-driving in the diesel smarts in Canada, allowing more people to really understand what the challenge was. Most of us at list our fuel economy at

In the middle of 2007, the 105 mpg US barrier was tested and confirmed to a much greater degree by Serge in Quebec in 2007...

I think that increased economy can be had, though I have not heard from Serge on what he has done as of recent to get more mpg... his gassavers garage profile shows some sign of refinements. Serge took eco-modding to the car level, someting I had hopes to do in 2007, but did not embark upon.

My first 2005 diesel coupe has been sold, and I now have a new 2006 diesel cabrio. I may or may not keep this one.

The future of the smart diesel in North America is uncertain - it is no longer available in Canada, although we have over 10,000 on the roads. The 2008 smart is a 1 litre gas engine, yielding poorer economy of course. a Micro hybrid drive may be coming, as well as a fully electric.

So... just thought I would drop by and say hi.




Scangauge II: Group buy pricing - $149.95 Canadian funds! And FREE shipping!

Best mileage to date: 2.23 L/100km - 105 mpg (US) - 126 mpg (imp)
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