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I'm surprised a UPS truck gets 9.somthing MPG in prodomenantly city driving. Aren't the trucks gas-powered?

Honestly, this news story doesn't surprise me. UPS and most other trucking companies runs have been plotted by computers for years. It was only a matter of time before someone realized how much money they were throwing away in gas/diesel. The news calls it 'no left turns' for the shock value... I'm sure the trucks will still be able to turn left. It's just the computer program parameters have changed to give MPG more importance. And let's face it... if you're not sitting at a light trying to turn left, you're saving gas. Sure, they could have their drivers hypermile, but you're introducing the human element. Some drivers will do it, but others will still leave their truck running for heat/air, or just to 'screw the man'. A computer program route restructure is something that the corporation can do without 'people' even realizing it. That's pretty smart. I say, more power to 'em.

btw... 'No left turns' needs to be added to the hypermiling list.
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