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Originally Posted by Rusty94cx View Post
Yeah but that's alot of work. Honestly now that I have both I think a cx is the way to go it's so much less pickey and heck I get 41-43 all day long. I just drive it and no 250$ 02 no egr problems. Alot of people say to just do the crx hf not as pricey of parts. And how much o a pig my cx man I should post pics. Do you need rear wheel wells? You can see into the trunk rockers what are those? But the floor pan and all suspension points are solid best 500$ dollar beater. A year later drive 70 miles a day round trip 6 days a week and all I've done is front pads and rotors. Right now the dash is out to fix the defrost. Broken arm on activation door .

Lol i really need to take a pic, looks like Frankenstein, has like some rust in rear quarter panel, but not huge. He slapped on an SI rear bumper too that barely hangs on and looks like its been plowed into like daily lol. Though the front is pretty funny, car is red, but hood is black and rust and the paint is peeling and bumper is black oem as well, oh and front driver's side fender is rust colored. It's got a lot of character to it though lol, i even paint a happy face on it just because it looked so sad lol. Looks even worse now though since it's covered in ash from the garage fire lol.
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