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Hello, i have a 2001 Hyundai XG and i'm trying to comsume less fuel.

I had brake problems and i became more brake-sensitive. I had my left right caliper that was stuck, the caliper pistons were stuck, when i was having this problem i took the habit to put my hand on every wheel to feel the wheel temperature, and when i was feeling that the rear right weel was from warm to hot, while the other ones were considerably colder, then i knew there was a problem. The problem has been fixed, but now...

I alwsys drive in city at low speeds (25 mph average) and during the problem the temperatures of the wheels were these:
front wheels: neutral temperature, nor cold or warm
rear wheels: left: cold , right: warm(there was the problem)
--the brakes were functioning very well at these wheels temperatures--

Now that the problem at the rear right has been solved the temperature of the other three wheels jumped up: the rear left, that was cold, now is neutral, and the front ones that where neutral now are warm as much as the rear right was during the problem, and the brake power has not improved from before. So i assume there is an excessive drag that don't even improve the brakes efficency.(but makes me consume more fuel!)

Now the mechanic says it's normal for wheels to become warm due to a normal little drag between the pads and the disc rotor, but i'm not convinced at all. When three of four wheels were from cold to neutral temperatures the brakes were already performing very well.

What do you think? What can i do now?


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