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I would grab that 650 in a heartbeat. Get your sister a Rebel. The Chinese stuff is basically junk after a couple thousand miles.

Buy a used Rebel then sell it if she actually evolves into a regular bike rider. If she is smart she might actually decide to keep the Rebel. Simple, good mileage and even at my 200 pounds + and over 6 feet height I could get mine very close to 80 on the Interstate, but it was personally tuned and carb cleaned to perfection. Mine was an 06 with 1800 miles that sat in a shed until the carbs needed work and it needed a battery.


This way if she decides she doesn't want to ride a bike then she can sell the Rebel for very close to what she paid for it. I put 5k miles on mine and sold it for $1400.

If she stays on a bike then look for a nice used CBR 250 R if that is what she wants. By then they will be cheaper on the used market, but a good old Rebel can't really be beat.

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