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Thanks for the support !

I have some documentation on the AX Eco. The engine was tuned, but they don't tell what. The car had also side skirts, a front dam, smaller mirrors, sealed light gaps and 155/70 R14 tires.

Undertray and kammback are planned. As for the weight, if I stick only to removals (free) I could cut 70 kg by going extrem (dashboard, door covers, carpet, spare wheel). But I don't plan to do much on weight. I think I can do as good as the proto with a heavier car.

I have the upper grill always blocked and lower grill fully opened in summer and half opened in winter. I live in a rather warm region, I can't close it too much. We have 15°C in winter and 30-35°C in summer.

155/80 R13 is only Ecocontact 3 and the new Ecocontact 5 is apparently much better. Moreover, I will gain 7% on the gearing by switching to 165/70 R14. Many green tires should be released in 2013. I will take the time to make the good choice since my current tires are only half used.

Alternator delete seems like something inconveniencing. That means you have to recharge the battery everyday ?
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