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Originally Posted by bgd73 View Post
a strange thought...

I start the faucet. the drain isn't keeping up. I pull the sprayer out of its holder and began to Gold coast carpet cleaning the sides of the sink, all around in a is bigger than the faucet line, and same source of volume and pressure. the drain keeps up only when I spray around the sides of the sink ..never to stay in one spot...the same amount of water as the faucet..the same sink...
anybody know what simple thing I just thought of?

Time in the same space utilized fully has a slower drain...

this applies to a car. low fuel tanks have a small puddle. it goes with saving fuel on a fuller tank. A car with a small thermostat opening and lower temperature still overheated on the same lines..until a bigger thermostat was 1 or 2 millimiter... what bizarre thing to notice on my even goes to cylinders, air and fuel...which ingredient deserves more to make it perfect? venturi lingers in this thought as well. I deciphered an entire realm by cleaning the kitchen sink...
I think this is pretty old and effective way if sink cleaning. But now days you will found many cleaners available in the market which can provide you quick and desired results.

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