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Personally, I liked the route on the interstate. This is why.

I drove a car along on the last event to take pictures. What was really suprising was the amount of attention this group of aerodynamic motorcycles drew. Smart phones were clicking away left and right as they passed (at 80+), people were speeding ahead, stopping to get out to take pictures. I-15 is a boring drive and there isn't much to do or look at. Seeing these unusual motorcycles became an unexpected event for those that came upon the group.
***The more these bikes get attention, the greater the possibility that thier strangeness will decrease in the eyes of the general public.***

I like that the speeds were high as mentioned before.

Those that make this drive (many) can easily compare thier mileage with what the challengers achieve. Kind of apples to apples.

When I lived in the area 14 years ago 66 was really a rough, poorly maintained road. Not alot of fun if your suspension was not cushy soft. Hopefully it is better now.

In Craigs defense, taking 66 is probably safer than the 15 due to the lane speed differential. Travelling at 70-75 puts one solidly in the right lane with most other traffic going 75-85.

I, too am eagerly awaiting the reports!
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