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as for the trans speed sensors, if that trans is the same as like a hyundai sante fe then yes it has an input and output speed sensor. If they read the incorrect speed then it will go into limp mode. Limp mode in these cars is annoying (will shift fine up through 4th gear for the first shift cycle, when pulling up to a stop it will go into limp mode and stay in 3rd gear and bog off the line. you have to shift down into 1st manually and upshift from there. also in limp mode overdrive will not work. ive also seen them make a really bad bang noise when it actually downshifts to 3rd in limp mode. I have a 98 hyundai elantra and i bought it with "a bad trans" that they installed in their driveway. i got it for scrap price. took it up on our lift and they had smashed the output speed sensor when they put the trans in. 45 dollar fix for both input and out.

as for what the ecu would be looking for, i would guess that the ecu would still retrieve the speeds fine but with the taller ratio it might shift sooner or later than a factory final drive. depends on what is programmed into it, what sensors it looks at, and how fast it gets up to speed with the different final drive.
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