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Originally Posted by Sven7 View Post
I think you're trying to link to this.
Had to snip your link to the honda accord post since I'm too much of a newbie to post links.....

That's not exactly a very scientific testing procedure. While he did see gains, he admitted there were other factors affecting his fuel economy at that time.
Yes. The other factor was low tire pressure, which actually diminished the differential between his logs without GasPods as compared to with GasPods on his Accord. In other words, they performed better than here reported.
I don't know of anyone who's specifically and scientifically tested airtab/gaspod/vg's and found a significant improvement in aerodynamic drag. As a company spokesperson, perhaps you could point us to a comprehensive, unbiased test?
Any project that has the variety of variables of driving requires a process to validate. Our protocol was to start with personal testing. Once that passed, foot the bill for Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD - simulated wind tunnel testing). We chose a firm whose clients include NASA, Boeing and just about every player in the Auto industry. Once again, I'm too much of a newbie on ecomodder to post the links showing more on this.

The third step is gathering field data. That is what our Test Team, clients logging 2,000 miles both without and with GasPods on their car is about. It will take awhile, but the validation will be there for a large segment of vehicles, and for some, a pick up truck, or a city driving Yukon Denali with roof racks, for instance, the results will be insignificant.

A little anecdote here, I love anecdotes... The aeronautical engineer who managed the CFD study hand delivered the results, and during his presentation, he specifically pointed to the diagrams showing skin friction coefficient of the GasPods on the vehicle tested, and said, "Had you made your GasPods any taller, longer or wider, you would have picked up drag, but you hit it right on the point before this...."

That's Bob Evans' (our Chief Designer and Director of R&D), he visualizes fluid flow. I've sat with consultants for NASA, with whom we've worked, and I've seen them turn with amazement at some point he makes, and say, "I've never met anyone who understands fluid dynamics the way you do." They're particularly amazed because he is not a physicist or an engineer. He's a visionary and an artist.

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