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Originally Posted by Susanne View Post
Yes. And, that is why the more distance traveled, and the higher the number of participants report back, the more relevant the data is. That takes time, and we're only a few months into public release.

Your criticism is true of any and all modifications, and to truly ascribe to it can only paralyze the process for yourself and others.
But this is exactly what we do at Ecomodder, we A-B-A test our aeromods with either a coastdown test, or an instant mpg map right down to windspeed and barometric pressure. Take for example:

If indeed Gaspods will give you a 1.3 mpg increase, it would easily show up in such a test. I can gain 1.3 mpg just by having my tires properly inflated, or rolling up my windows, driving less aggressive, which goes to show you how inaccurate your real world testing has so far been.

The administrator of this forum probably would gladly do such unbiased A-B-A tests for you in the name of science. And see if the computer flow modeling translates in real world testing.
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