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Originally Posted by Blue07CivicEX View Post
You mean you can't do that in the Yaris? oh come on!! :-P

Thanks for the info, when I get my SG2 I'll see what the engine is up to while downshifting and I'll work on throwing it into neutral when i coast rather then holding the clutch in with my luck the throwout bearing would go 30miles over the warranty.
He he.. the difference in 1700 and 3200 lbs id pretty

Hell in my ninja 250 motorcycle I had a bad battery.. and you could push start it and drop the clutch to start it as the magneto woul d start making power to fire the ignition off... but even that was pretty hard work if it didn't pop off instantly...

When ever i bump start my car i do it in 4th or 5th gear as it prevents a jerk when i do it as the gear ratio is so high.. then i select the gear i need to drive in.. makes for smooth bump starting.. all it takes it that motor barly turning and it should fire up if its warm.

In my truck i do some nutral coasting and idling and some engine off coasting also depending on the situations.. like.. curves or other situations that may need good control of the car I idle it.. as its power stearing is very hard to turn when there is no motor running..

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