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Electric Motorcycle moonshot idea.

Are there any instant mpg gauges for motorcycles?

I'd like to compare mpg at mph curves for 125-250cc motorcycles. Specifically, i want to be able to calculate the cost effectiveness of adding a hybrid system. What benefit a motorcycle would have from a low speed hybrid system, so that i'm only averaging combustion engine mpg at cruising speeds.

The second purpose is to try to estimate how high an mpg i could potentially get while cruising at 55-65mph with a continuous long range low power (1/2 total hp of cruising speed?) electric assist to the gas engine. Also how small a displacement engine could i get away with with such a system.

This would then indicate what battery capacity has the most impact for price and range. I suspect a small 3kwh. The expandable lithium battery bay, 3-10kwh would allow me to add more kwh over time.

The 5 year plan is to have a 90-100% faired in vehicle that can potentially get 200+mpg (maybe significantly more) with the benefit of plugging in before the battery is empty, and 150+mpg crossing the country at 65mph. The electric motor would be able to run independent of the gas engine either by front wheel electric drive (if safe), or by the ability to declutch from the engine.

Anyways, that is my moonshot idea. I won't be constructing anything in 2-3 years so don't get any ideas. I need to learn many things about welding, fiberglass, and EV conversions. And i don't have the necessity of requiring such a high mpg bike, or the financial motivation as of yet. I expect in 5 years that Lithium prices will drop, and gas prices will rise. Making the project even more financially viable.

I try to be helpful. I'm not an expert.

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