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Exclamation Fuel quality

I am new my name is JP, new to ecomodder but no stranger to modifying anything for fuel gains or HP increase. Part of my ideas for wanting to be a member here is sharing as much information as possible with everyone because I am an ASE certified mechanic, but wanted to be a scientist for as long as I can remember. The problem is some vehicles are limited to how much economy they can get. I get asked everyday how people can improve mileage, and all of them drive V8's!!! I was getting a part at Oreilly one time and there was this huge biker dude asking this young kid at the counter what he could buy to get better gas mileage on his 1 ton Dodge v-10! I wasnt the one he was talking to but I popped off with "you could save alot of money buying a 4 cylinder". Lets just say I was lucky I didn't get punched.
Anyways My topic for discussion is fuel quality, has anyone experimented with trying gas from every gas station in their area and comparing the economies between them? I have done this and In my area fuel is $3.11 per gallon right now, I normally buy Shell gasoline because my mileage is awesome, I dropped 10mpg using Casey's 10% ethanol, its just crap.

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