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Its seems as if negativity without qualification is a right of passage endemic to Internet communication of today. Our in-house validation, which, of course, exists, is criticized as biased. Our 3rd party verification - CFD testing - is criticized just to be criticized.

And, client participation, which I thought is what ecomodder is about, and well, its also what AeroHance's GasPod project advocates is now criticized because it exists.

We all know that many variables affect your car's fuel consumption. GasPods are one more to add to the mix. Their beauty is in their ease of use, which allows for broader participation in the process of saving fuel.

But, a product like GasPods requires people to prove it to themselves. Our Test Team program gives value to that process. We have set up a protocol - distance over time - that controls for individual variance in driving habits and conditions, and, as the participation pool grows, further verifies results.

Its a positive process and does not warrant or deserve unqualified negativity.
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