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Hello everybody

Been trolling these forums for a couple months now. Decided I would join up, and get in on some of these topics. I recently took a 5300 mile road trip, and used a lot of the hyper-mileing techniques learned on this site. I have not done anything very aggressive as aerodynamics yet, but I plan on building an under-body trey. I don't really want to do anything that is irreversible, or makes the car looks to ridiculous (sorry not trying to sound bad). Kinda trying to make a factory looking nice gas mileage, comfortable, and fun car to drive.

Current car setup.
1988 Honda Accord hatchback LX-i

I have swapped in a 97 Honda CRV b20 engine, converted it to OBD1, and tuned it more towards MPG then HP. I have deleted the power steering as well.

Current Suspension setup:
The car has been lowered 1", poly urethane bushings all around. I have also put some low drag hub caps and rims on there. The car has some hidden gems I added to bring it up to date a little. Currently upgraded to rear disk brakes, and 11" Integra brakes on the front. I also have larger sway bars installed.

Here are a couple pics of the little lady.

Currently started testing gas milage since my road trip, it was mostly highway and scews my numbers a bit. My average is 27MPG, roughly 28-30 highway, and 24-26 city. All this while making 130HP, 120TQ

With the hatchback design I think this is a good platform to get at least and average 32MPG city driving (with headlights down). I'm hoping some deflectors for the wheels, an under-body trey, and some kind of rear diffuser will make that attainable.

Dyno results of current setup:

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