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First post, bought a 2013 FFE! The car is much better than I had ever hoped. Getting a range of ~90miles on a charge. My commute is half city streets, half highway, about 60mi round trip. Acceleration is impressive, the only option you can add is leather which I did. Ford has done a great job with the interior. After all the tax credits roll in cost is ~$28K.

My fuels savings will be ~$3500/year compared to my old truck. I had a second meter installed at my house for the cheapest charging rate, 11cents/kWh. under $3 for a full charge from empty. I expect my range to go down once my HOV lane sticker arrives and I can zoom in to work. I think my range is high due to all the stop and go traffic on the freeway.

If you can live within the range of this car, it cant be beat unless you buy used or a really inexpensive new car with great milage and it the FFE looks great.
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