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Originally Posted by ps2fixer View Post

I looked over the page for Ren, and noticed in your planned mods area a scangauge. I just wanted to point out the scangauges require OBD2, which most 96 and newer cars have. 92 most likely is OBD1.

Hoping to see a boat tail on the civic and 50mpg+
All 1996 through circa 2003~2004 are OBD2. Starting around 1982 through 1994 are collectively called OBD1 though there was no standard at all.

Many 1994 and most 1995 vehicles have different systems, often they cannot be communicated with using the same tools as 1993 and older.

Some people call them OBD1.5 because they're a mishmash of old and new. Some even use the OBD2 common connector but not OBD2 codes or communication protocols.

1994 and 1995 General Motors can be especially difficult. I just looked up what vehicles Innova's OBD1 scanners work with and there are a lot of 94 and 95 GMs they don't support.
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