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Not quite the ST is a much newer and better model (well it has a souped up motor anyway though the rest is still the same)

A few colleges use them as ambulances on ground and for transport of stuff. The miles actually had a fair amount of propaganda released on it from the usual sources but none say anything usefull about the car, at least usefull as I'm concerned.

Unlike regular NEVs these are real cars, Miles opted against crash testing and also didn't buy the optional airbags from Daitsu as a result.

I still wonder if I could buy the airbags from China (in the steering wheel I believe), ship over and have installed here so I could up the ante a bit later down the road. Go for the homebrew titling process and get certified. Not really sure how that works.

PS these are selling fairly cheaply for virtually unused vehicles, good deal if you can find a 2005/2006. Sadly though they use lowsy glass mat 12v's not my first choice at all but I guess they have a few advantages, though range and longevity is not one.

Another issue is because they are real cars they are also steel and like every other vehicle will enivitably rust (I hate rust) My C-car can't rust and is much better on that regard, maybe a good ol zeibart and truck bed liner on the bottom to prevent rust through.


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OOO, hey, unfortunately I can't really help you with your question. However, I thought I would just interject that because of your post I did some research on them to see what you were talking about as I've never heard of them before, and I found that the zx40st is actually what my college uses as the grounds keeper's vehicles. I had no idea who made them, then after seeing them on the site, that must be what they are.
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